Beat the Heat: Summer Hair Care

February 15, 2018

With the summer sun shining bright, we all like to spend longer hours in the sun, more days at the beach or in pools, and our straighteners are working overtime to keep our hair straight and less frizzy.


Although, by the time summer comes to an end we are left with dull, and damaged hair from all of those glorious activities we love so much.


Air Dry over Blow Dry
Whilst the days are still warm, and it is somewhat refreshing to have cool hair after a shower, try and limit your blow drying from every hair wash. Instead press your hair between your towel to

 extract water, gently scrunching the ends for added texture before applying your oil/moisturiser. Try and avoid rubbing your hair between your towel as this will increase frizz, as well as it causing potential damage to your hair.


Say Goodbye to Dead Ends 

We have all had that moment where we are playing with our hair and notice the angry ends pointing in different directions and then suddenly it multiplies and we feel as though everyone is starring at your dry split ends. Regular trims will maintain the health of your hair, so it is best to snip those frizzy dead ends every 6 weeks.​


Revive and Recover 

Perhaps it is a little too late, and you’re running your hands through your hair as you are reading this, thinking of all the things you could have done to protect your hair. Well, it is time to find a treatment, to restore moisture back into your hair. The Intense Muk Repair Treatment is available across all of our salons and provides a balance of moisture and protein, whilst increasing your hairs strength, elasticity, and shine.  



Quick Tips

  • Remember a hat to protect your scalp from burning, as well as protection from sun damage to your hair.

  • Stay hydrated – drink lots of water, not only to hydrate yourself but your hair as well.

  • Play around with different hairstyles, e.g braids, and loose buns, which will not only keep your neck a bit cooler but will also protect your hair from external damages.


Whilst the memories of summer will leave you smiling, your dry and damaged hair will not, so maintain the steps above, or find an alternative routine which best suits you. 


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