New Year; New Skincare Resolutions

January 5, 2018

Happy New Year Dolls! When a new year begins we find ourselves reflecting on the year that has past, and creating goals for the year to come. Whilst we automatically start listing fitness, career and even travel goals, it is also important to dig a little deeper.


Consider your current skincare routine and set yourself some new goals to work towards, and make note of New Years resolutions to benefit your skin.

To help get you started we have listed a few below.


Sleep fresh – If you are guilty of jumping into bed without taking off your makeup, it is time to make a conscious effort to cleanse your face prior to hitting the pillow.


Protect your skin with SPF – whether it is applying sunscreen directly, or purchasing cosmetic products with SPF in them.



Exfoliate – Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin, allowing fresh new skin to breathe and removing the old dead cells.


Not just your face! – Don’t forget to take care of your neck, and include it into your skincare routine as well.

No touchy – Stop picking and squeezing your face, let it be.


Keep it clean – Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes, leaving left over residue in your brushes can cause bacteria growth, which you will then be brushing directly onto your skin.

Image Source: Pinterest

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New Year; New Skincare Resolutions

January 5, 2018

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