Spring Races: Trending hairstyle.

October 31, 2017

The Spring Racing festivities have arrived and are well and truly underway, and whilst most of us put our focus on Fashion on the Fields, and piecing together the perfect outfit, we are here to remind you that you need to be conscious about your whole look, so don’t forget your hair is part of that.



It is safe to say we have all woken up and gotten ready for an event and are totally vibing our outfit choice, but completely forgot about planning a hair style, so we run a styling tool through it (if we have time) and hope for the best. Well ladies, we are here to remind you to PLAN your hairstyle, and one in particular we are loving for the spring racing season is a ponytail.


Below are a few of our favourite looks, from textured to sleek, both high and low, even if you aren’t going to the races, these styles are perfect for any event this season! Visit one of our salons for our dolls to help create the perfect hair style for you. 


Don't forget girl, own that ponytail, work that up-do!












Image Sources: Pinterest

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