A Fresh Spring Clean

October 17, 2017

Spring has sprung, the weather is teasing us with a glimpse of the warmer weather, and we are all cleaning our houses and clearing out our wardrobes to make extra space for our new purchases (mostly so we can slip them in the wardrobe without our partners noticing), though it is just important to remember to freshen our hair and beauty routines.



Below are a few of our spring cleaning tips to keep your hair and skin fresh and rejuvenated for spring, after winter has taken its toll.

  • Chop it - Firstly, time to book in a hair cut, whether it be a whole new look or just to trim off the ends - winter air mixed with the heat from our heaters would have dried out your hair, and in particular left your ends looking dull and frayed. Time to leave them behind with the rainy days, bye Felicia.

  • Revise - Revisit your beauty regime, you may find your winter routine is too full on for spring.

  • Spring Clean - Remember to clean your makeup brushes, and purchase new mascara every 3 months to avoid bacteria. Sharpening lip liners you might not have used in a while, and wiping over your spring lipstick colours can remove any potential bacteria.

  • Keep on Cleaning - Don’t forget to clean your hair styling tools, including your brushes!!

  • Swap It - Go through your styling products, and swap the strong hold, extra nourishing and oil winter products, for softer products for spring.



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