5 Tips to keeping your hair in shape this winter.

June 20, 2017

Winter is harsh on our skin and hair, so here are 5 simple tips to help you contain and maintain your hair during the next few months.


Keep washing to a minimum…but not too minimum: Some of us are guilty of washing our hair everyday, whilst others are guilty of not washing it regularly at all… maintain a healthy medium, washing it to regularly strips the natural oils that your hair produces, so even though you think you are doing the right thing, you are actually going to make it worst. Whereas if you are leaving it for too long, and just applying dry shampoo every morning the product will continue to build up, and once again stop the natural oils your hair produces.


Hair Treatments: You hair craves attention, hydration and nourishment, so do your hair and yourself a favour and sit back and enjoy some ‘you’ time each week, whilst treating your hair with a deep hair treatment. Our product of the month is Goldwell 60Sec Treatment – which rebuilds the hair fibre up to 100% in 60seconds and can now be purchased at our salons.  



Argan Oil: Spread it throughout your hair to moisturise and nourish your locks. If you find your scalp to be quiet dry and flaky, try moisturising your scalp with argan oil before showering. – Remember to select a product that isn’t too harsh and heavy for you hair and skin.


Regular trims: Ensure you’re getting your hair trimmed (approx) every 6-8 weeks - although shorter hair may need more regular visits, depending on your hair growth. This will eliminate those dry and dull ends, keeping your hair fresh and damage free.



Be careful of appliance overload: Try to minimise how often and the duration of using hair appliances. In summer it is easy to wash your hair, and it’s already naturally drying from the heat not long after, whereas in winter, you want to blow-dry it as quickly as possible because it’s too cold to have wet hair. Use a heat protector spray to shield and protect your hair. If you find your hair to be showing signs of being damaged already from your hairstyling tools, the Goldwell Restoring Serum Spray instantly reconstructs and provides suppleness and shine, whilst also providing heat protection.


Remember to listen to your hair, use products that are gentle, and provide extra care through winter to help reduce those dull and dry ends, and those pesky brittle fly aways. 

All Goldwell products can be purchased within our salons.



Image Source: Pinterest and Goldwell


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