8 Summer Beauty Tips to Keep you Going for a Sizzling 2017

January 19, 2017

Now that summer is well and truly upon, with in and all around us (cue heat waves, stinking hot nights guilty of inciting no sleep and serious sunburn) we thought we'd give you some creative and refreshing tips to help you make it through whatever this summer throws your way.




1. Workout in the ocean


Not only is the ocean good for your soul, swimming in salt water is also the absolute Holy Grail for your health and beauty. Skin is cleansed deeply, impurities are removed and breakouts are prevented, not to mention that the sand is a wonderful natural exfoliator.

Salt water will also flush out your ears and nose, which guards against infection and let’s not forget the toning that will provide to your back and arms.


2. Self tan can do more than bronze, it can hide your sins


Cellulite, stretch marks, scars, bruises and even that party-season pudding and/or champagne that you haven’t worked off yet can all be hidden by the wonder that is a spray tan.

For the most believable bronzed tan, come in to one of our Fresh locations, where we provide the highest quality spray tans, using Loving Tan and applied by our talented beauticians.

Ensure that you buff head to toe with a salt scrub to avoid clumping or peeling tan, salt scrub is usually the best thing to exfoliate with. Maintain the bronzed illusion with twice-daily applications of body butter to keep skin smooth and supple and to avoid peeling tan.


3. Unwashed summer hair? Who cares, call it ‘slick’


The wonderful thing about summer hair is that it is easy. Undone, tousled styles are well and truly back, so give your straightening iron or curling wand a rest for the warmer months.

Embrace the holiday humidity and let the curls run wild.

Before you go swimming, slick back hair with a conditioning mask- this will protect strands from the drying effects of sun, salt or chlorine. Coloured hair will need a little more TLC, so be sure that you spritx on a UV-protective spray.

For cheat waves, plait ocean-dampened hair and allow it to dry before raking your fingers through it.


4. Learn to love the Smell of Sunscreen


This should be the one thing that we don’t leave home without in the summer months!

With so many super high-tech anti-ageing ingredients and antioxidant-pumped formulations, there’s no excuse not to slip, slop and slap.



5. Faux glow with luxurious body oils that your skin will thank you for


Body oils are more readily absorbed than moisturising creams. Apply oil to damp skin as soon as you step out of the shower. This will lock the moisture in and leave skin supple and smooth.


6. When it’s hot and humid, be lazy with make up


Unless you want to end up with a melted, smeared mess, stick to bronzer, balm and mascara.

Choose a bronzer without shimmer so that it gives you the most natural finish, while fixing your favourite mascara in place with a clear top coat that provides a water proof finish.


7. Keep your beauty products in the fridge


To keep your cool with the mercury soars, keep a spray in the fridge for an instant burst of refreshment. If you accidentally get sunburnt, there is nothing more soothing than a chilled after-sun lotion.




8. Invest in a summer-fragrance for your wardrobe


Look for light summery scents with ocean or citrus notes, or try the summer version f your favourite fragrance, which will be lighter and shouldn’t contain alcohol (it can react with the sun and prematurely age the skin on your décolletage).



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