How to Summer Proof Your Hair this Sunny Season

December 13, 2016

Summer, with its glorious warm rays of sunshine, balmy evenings, stunning beaches and abundance of gorgeous fruits is almost everyone’s favourite time of year.


Dreamy dresses, sandals and statement bathers become wardrobe staples, skin becomes darker and makeup becomes lighter, however there can be some serious damage done to your hair if you neglect to look after it properly.


So, we have done the hard yards for you and found out which techniques will serve you best when it comes to keeping your locks strong and healthy.





1. Leave-in conditioner

Always take leave-in conditioner to the beach and use it frequently, especially after swimming.

Make sure that the conditioner has UVA and UVB filters to protect your hair from both types of UV rays- it is essentially like sunscreen for hair without the greasiness.


2. Go the chop

While long, tousled, nomadic like hair is the dream summer look, don’t neglect to have regular hair cuts, instead see it as a preventative measure, just a trim is enough to remove damage ends before the damage starts to affect the rest of the hair shaft.

You can book in at any of our locations across Adelaide and the Gold Coast over summer to ensure that your hair is kept in perfect condition, just following the locations tab on our web page to find the salon most convenient to you.



3. Get Treated

Ensure that your hair is kept strong and healthy with regular treatments. We highly recommend going to see your Fresh Hair & Body hair stylist who can treat broken or damaged hair with one of our hand made treatment tonics or with Treatment Star or Treatment Star 2. Alternatively, if you are simply too flat out to visit one of our locations, then head to your local pharmacy or supermarket that have great one off strengthening treatments that can help your hair recover from summer damage.


4. How to keep your hair looking good (easily) all summer

The Summer French Twist

  • Mix a generous amount of wet-look hairspray and a leave-in conditioner all over the hair

  • Take a wide-toothed comb and comb everything back as if you were going to tie it into a low pony-tail

  • Twist the ends moderately tight and begin to make a plait from the nape of the neck upwards then secure with three large U-shaped pins that conceal the ends underneath the pleat.










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