Bridal Body Countdown- The Way to Attain Your Body Goals Before the Big Day

November 22, 2016

In the lead up to your big day, it is no secret that you will be taking on every diet possible in order to ensure that you are looking and feeling your best for the impending nuptials.


There are so many fad diets, ‘miracle foods of the moment’ and new products on the shelves that claim to be able to ‘drop those kilos fast’ or give you your ‘best body yet’.


As these choices only make it harder and harder for you to make wise and informed choices, we have compiled some of the best advice to help you achieve those pre-wedding goals.


While you may want the effects of your goals to be seen on the outside, it is also highly important to put a healthy emphasis on your mind as well, especially as all positive body changes will be influenced by the ones you make in your mind first.





Epsom salt baths, body scrubs, meditation and yoga will keep the mind and body healthy while in planning mode.


Whilst you are nourishing your mind, it is important to nourish your insides with healthy, nutritious organic whole foods. Coconut oil, green tea and omega-3 are the supermodel tools to fast track your own way to ultimate radiance.


Add in a rainbow of coloured vegies for antioxidants, small serves of healthy fats from avocado, oily fish, seeds and olive oil, for glowing kin and small portions of whole grains to keep your blood sugar levels and appetite stable.


Most importantly, avoid refined added sugars and starches like biscuits and muffins, sugary cereals, soft drinks and alcohol, especially the seriously sugary stuff like ciders and cocktails.


If you have acne-prone skin, then choose good-quality, organic, reduced-fat and plain unflavoured dairy products, substituting dairy with almond milk is often a great way to avoid dairy but not miss out on your morning oats.


Another way to upgrade your diet is to swap most of your coffee and teas for green tea, gain a mega nutrient hit with a greens-packed smoothie, aim to make half of each main meal a variety of vegies, include a little fruit everyday such as apple, berries and papya, and make one of your daily snacks a small handful of raw nuts and seeds with an optional square of dark chocolate for an antioxidant hit that can help keep the cravings at bay.


The stress in the lead up to the wedding can play havoc with your digestive system, but plenty of natural fibre and fluids from sources such as berries, kiwifruit, citrus, cabbage and broccoli, oat bran, chia seeds and psyllium to also help you avoid bloating.






As your diet is cleansing your insides and helping your mind, make sure that the outside is doing the same with regular exercise.

If you aren’t a regular exerciser, start slowly and find something that you’re interested in, for example, if you love being outdoors then don’t sign up to a gym. Rather, explore options in your area for hiking, rock climbing, Pilates or yoga and so on, keeping in mind how you will enjoy creating and shaping your lean body.


HIIT or F45 training, which involves short bursts of cardio and strength training interspersed with recovery periods, is the most time-efficient way to exercise, because you continue to burn more fat post-workout.

This type of training is also a lot more fun and engaging than running on a treadmill for an hour and you can use your own body weight to increase the intensity of your workouts.


If you plan to wear a strapless dress, then ensure that you take on some yoga as it not only improves flexibility, but also muscle strength and posture.


Good posture is a priority for all brides and is something that often goes amiss when aiming to attain your best body yet, as it is also important to ensure that your body is in alignment to ensure you look as lean and elongated as possible in photos.


Exercises such as deadlifts, chin-ups, inverted TRX rows (using a TRX band) and renegade rows will also target key muscles and help create a lean, toed back.





If you are feeling like you have to tackle a protruding stomach when what you really need is a flat one, then your best bet is to start focusing on the stomach by utilising exercises like super mans, mountain climbers and dead bugs.


You will also need to learn how to deeply activate the pelvic floor, which is on the same neural pathway as the transverse abdominals (front and side ab muscles) and will help to flatten your stomach.


Cut out gluten, wheat, potatoes, dairy,  and anything spicy or salty as they can cause bloating too.



Flabby arms may be a sign that you have excess oestrogen in your body.

By including fibrous proteins and soluble fibre in your diet, you can help flush out excess toxins.



Although the general belief is that running will make you toned and fit, exercises such as lunges and deep squats will actually give your legs more tone.

They are also safer for your joints than pounding the pavement, they ill also target muscles like your gluteus and core, which will help to create a lovely figure in a shorter amount of time.



If your goal is to sculpt your derriere, then ensure that you build incidental exercise into your day.

Things like the stairs,, instead of an escalator or lift, can help boost your butt, especially if you take two steps at a time. Hip extensions, lunges, squats and using the resistance band will help you to shape your bum.






A morning workout the morning of your nuptials is a great was to de-stress and loosen up as well as to provide and energy boost and a little last minute strength training can also make muscles look more toned.


However, make sure that you take it easy so as not to pull any muscles or to spend your big day exhausted from a big workout or unable to walk in your heels.


And lastly… make sure that you enjoy every moment of your wedding and ensure that you remember: you can’t control everything on the day, so just take in every second.



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