This Silly Seasons Party Trends

November 1, 2016

As the silly season is fast approaching and so too are the endless parties, which in turn means plenty of outfit, hair and makeup choices to be made.


It can become difficult, not to mention expensive to be constantly topping up the wardrobe, purchasing the latest shade of mauve lipstick and getting your hair washed and blow dried at the salon.


So instead, I have compiled the best trends for you for the silly season, that won’t send you broke and will change up your look for each occasion.


Dark lipstick

While dark lipstick can be slightly intimidating and somewhat high maintenance, there is no reason to fear it with so many opportunities in your calendar to get it right. 

Because all eyes will be on your lips, give them extra car. Exfoliate gently with a dab of sugar mixed with moisturizer, and then leave them bare without balm. Rub a brush over lips and dab concealer over any faint lines to ensure that the lipstick application is smooth and faultless.

Instead of using the lipstick straight from the tube, use a lipstick brush to apply the colour evenly from the outside inwards, thereby ensuring that the colour is symmetrical.

Follow the colour with a similar shade of pencil, carefully sketching along the edges, or a clear wax pencil to keep the colour from feathering and bleeding. 




Winged eyeliner or graphic liner

If you’ve been skipping eyeliner in favour of sticking to a few swipes of mascara, then this year it’s time for you to be brave and experiment just a little. Practice will always make perfect, weather you want to attempt a cat eye, a cool graphic eyeliner look, or just a quick eyeliner style that you can achieve in a few minutes, bold eyes are in this party season.





Braids are never going to fade out of popularity, so if you have hair that is longer than a pixie cut, you are in luck, with plenty of trendy braid options, you have all sorts of styles to mix and match with for a variety of different occasions. If you feel slightly uncoordinated attempting braids on your own head, then make sure you get in to one of our Fresh locations and have one of our talented hair artists do them for you.






Although contouring can be a daunting task, there are simple ways to achieve the classic Kardashian look that won’t leave you feeling cake-faced or with odd smears of colour across your face, (we’ve even broken it down into a step by step application process so you can achieve the best results).


1. After applying some primer, follow with your normal foundation and concealer routine. Use a mixture of your fingertips, foundation brush and beauty blender to achieve a flawless base.


2. Using a matte or brown shade, blend the cream along the jaw line and just below the cheek bones; then blend with the beauty blender up toward the ears.  This sculpts the face without looking overly contoured. Following this, take a cream highlighter and pat it on to the highest point of the cheekbones, along the bridge of the nose onto the point of the chin and the cupid’s bow of the lips.


3. Using very little powder, lightly dust on a translucent powder along the t-zone to set cream products and control shine.


4. To add more definition to the areas that you want to highlight, increase the hold of the makeup, layer powder over cream products. Use a tapered powder brush and pick up a small amount of product from the taupe or matte bronzer. Tap any excess powder off. Sweep the brush upwards along the hollows of the cheek. For a more defined jaw, dust bronzer just below the jaw line and down the neck, just be careful not to over do it. A light application is always best.


If you feel like the makeup or hair trends for the silly season might get the better of you, never fear- we have the professional power to do it for you. Head to any Fresh Hair & Body salon location and one of our talented Dolls will be able to sort you out with a look perfect for any summer occasion.

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