The appointments you can’t miss before your wedding

October 20, 2016

As we delve into the most exciting part of the year- bridal and event season, we thought it highly important to start the preparation early, so we have done the research for you.

So, to help you decipher the 'live without' appointments from the 'could do without' appointments we have  listed the best ways to ensure you are looking your best for the big day.


Because it isn’t just your hair and makeup on the day that will make you look and feel your best, but also  your flawless skin, natural glow and picture perfect physique that will be a testament to the preparation that you put in beforehand (not to mention leave you fan-girling yourself in the wedding photos for years to come).


To make this ideal a reality for your wedding day, we have compiled a list of very important pre-wedding appointments that you need to make…and keep!




  1. Say Cheese

Your upcoming nuptials are a perfect opportunity to not only book in appointments for services that will enhance your appearance on the big day, but also for the future following on from the wedding.

Teeth whitening is a relatively inexpensive way to get that bridal glow in a single visit to the dentist. It is recommended that brides (and) the bridal party make the appointment for two to three weeks prior to the wedding day- treatments such as the Philips Zoom, which is completed in just one appointment is usually best. It is a painless system, which whitens teeth up to eight shades in around an hour. If, on the other hand, you are considering other cosmetic dental treatments, such as porcelain veneers, plan ahead and book a cosmetic consultation as part of the wedding day preparation.


2. Eyes are the lend to the soul


If you plan on having lash extensions for your wedding day, it is suggested that the appointment is planned for at least three days beforehand, to ensure that the lashes are their most long, lush and full by the time the big day rolls around.

If you haven’t had lashes before, ensure that you book a trial run no more than three months prior to ensure you are please with the outcome.

Fresh Hair & Body Mawson Lakes and Golden Grove both have specially trained staff who can apply lash extensions. Should you feel that they aren’t for you and want them removed, our trained Dolls will easily be able to book you in for the removal. 




3. Wax on, wax off


It can’t be emphasised enough that all waxing, particularly on the face, should be completed one week prior to the wedding and no sooner to the date.

Although you might have had your brows waxed a hundred times in the past year, there is always a margin for error and Murphy’s Law tells us it’s best to air on the side of caution.

Your makeup artist should carry a pair of tweezers on the day to pluck any stray brow hairs that become unwelcomed wedding guests.

Our highly trained Dolls in the Norwood, Surfers Paradise, Mawson Lakes, Golden Grove and St. Agnes salon locations will be able to get your brows on point for the big day, while all our makeup artists are equipped with the tools to perfect your brow down to the very last hair.


4. Natural glow


Somewhere around two to three days before your wedding is the perfect timeframe for spray tans or at-home application. This gives it two days to adjust to the skin and if you’re worried that it’s too dark or too light, there is time to rectify this. If you aren’t planning a spray tan or your wedding is in winter, when a summer tan might look out of place, gradual tanners are perfect to create a light, streak free glow that will have you looking and feeling your best.

Fresh Hair & Body’s talented team of qualified spray tanners are at locations including Mawson Lakes, Golden Grove, Norwood and Surfers Paradise.


5. Face tuning


The road to perfect skin is most certainly a marathon, not a sprint. It is advised that you consult a good facialist six months prior to your wedding day to ensure you’re on a personalised path to brighter skin, which takes into account you skin’s individual needs. Your facialist/skin specialist will likely forget the harsh treatments, replacing them with glow-boosting facials within the final days leading up to your wedding.

Of course, one thing that can’t be emphasised enough is to drink plenty of water, lessen the alcohol intake and forget sugary soda drinks, this will help your skin to develop a healthy, natural glow that you can carry on enjoying weeks beyond your wedding day.


6. Debloat, debloat, debloat


Bloating is the enemy of your big day and no matter how hard you have worked out to look your very best, if you are eating the wrong foods and forgetting to hydrate, you might as well kiss that six-pack goodbye.

To avoid the dreaded bloat ensure that you do the following approximately a month (or even more if you can) in the lead up to your wedding:

  • Hydrate

  • Sweat and stretch

  • Say NO to fried food, starchy legumes, salt and sugar

  • Say YES to probiotics and omega-3’s

  • Eat: bananas, oranges, pineapple, papayas, berries, chia seeds, asparagus, spinach, quinoa, ginger, cinnamon, mint, turmeric, natural yogurt and salmon

  • Do: ice your face and give yourself a lymphatic drainage facial massage




To book in for any of the above treatments with Fresh Hair & Body head to our online booking section on the website or our locations page for all phone numbers to our ten stunning locations.



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