Hair contouring explained & why it is the latest craze

October 10, 2016

Remember when a little thing called contouring came out in the make up world and everyone went crazy?


Well, now the same craze is hitting the hair world, albeit a little bit differently because it takes a damn good colourist to be able to achieve these results, but when perfected, hair contouring is this seasons most stunning new look.





Hair contouring is the art of placing colour in the hair to transform the shape of the face.


Essentially it is a combination of free hand application and highlighting paired with the careful positioning of different tones and depths around the face to highlight and shadow targeted areas.


Darker tones are then applied to shorten or narrow the face shape whilst the lighter tones will elongate the face by reflecting the light.


This clever placement of colour and the careful selection of complimentary tones perform an optical illusion and make your face appears more defined and features more accentuated.


Hair contouring is a 100% individualised service meaning that it will suit a wide range of clients with a variety of different face shapes, structures and skin tones, the colours used are decided on and positioned based around these factors.


By using the below chart, you can figure out what type of face shape you are and can then work with your hair colourist to create the perfect hair contouring look for you.







Your colourist will be able to create the perfect contouring look for you by working with your face shape/structure, brushing hair backwards and behind the ears to expose the full outline of your face.


Step one:

The benchmark for face shapes is generally oval due to it’s well-balanced and symmetrical proportions.


Step two:

The next step is for your colourist to decode exactly where the lighter and darker shades need to be positioned around your face in order to re-sculpt the face and achieve a more ‘oval like’ shape.


To keep the effect looking natural and subtle, the colour shades chosen should not exceed two shades above or below your natural hair colour and tones should be selected to compliment your skin.


Step three:

The different colour shades and tones are then applied either free hand for a more subtle finish, or highlighted separately for more defined pieces. This combination allows the colourist to tailor the application to suit you.




Given the complexity of the technical consultation and the application which requires a highly trained professional (such as any of our senior stylists or team leaders at our ten Fresh salon locations) the results will be a natural blend of colours that suit each individual skin tone.


The combination of highly skilled application techniques and subtlety of shades means that the contouring technique can be extremely low maintenance with soft regrowth able to be diffused simply and easily.


Head to any of our ten salon locations either in Adelaide or on the Gold Coast and get our experienced team to consult your locks for their first contouring application.

You can thank us later.



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