Spring into good skin this September

September 23, 2016

As the days start to get longer, the dark nights start to get shorter and there is a buzz of good vibes in the air because summer is coming, it is a reminder that the makeup layer gets thinner and we embrace our natural beauty a little more, which means refreshing our skincare routine.


It can be a daunting experience, preparing oneself to acknowledge the build up of dead skin cells and winter grime that has accumulated on the skin, but now is as good a time as ever to tackle that skin detox head on and get spring-time ready.




Bringing digestion back to balance with fibre, probiotics & water

The first thing to remember when it comes to a spring skin detox is to get your digestion back in check as a properly functioning digestive system means that your body absorbs nutrients and expels toxins.

The solution to balancing your digestive tract is simple: water, fiber and probiotics- all three help to promote friendly bacteria in the colon and flush the system of toxins.

While good bacteria will work from the inside out to clear your complexion, they also have a number of benefits as a skin care ingredients.



Spice up your food & skin care routine

In addition to being jam-packed with vitamins and antioxidants, spices like turmeric, paprika and ginger have anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties. Turmeric for example is known for protection the liver against toxic damage and even helps regenerate damaged liver cells.

To receive these spicy detox benefits, try adding a little zest to soups or smoothies, or even try adding the spices to your skin care routine itself.





Fructose can be extremely damaging to your liver. If consumed in excess, an over indulgence of sugar can cause non-alcohol fatty liver disease which disrupts the body’s natural metabolic and detoxification process, not to mention the effects of aging on the skin Moral of the story? By limiting or reducing your sugar intake entirely, you’re giving your liver a fighting chance at removing toxins from the body. The result? Improved health and a glowing complexion.


So as we (hope for) and look forward to some warmer weather and brighter months, make sure that your skin is treated to the same care and excitement by following this spring detox.

To compliment your glowing skin, make sure you pop into your local Fresh Hair & Body for an eyebrow wax, eyelash treatment or make up application. Choose from any of our ten salon locations.



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