Going platinum? It will take more than a hot second…

September 9, 2016

It’s the trend that continues to give, the story that never ends and the colour that hairdressers are asked time and time again to achieve Kardashian-Jenner style- platinum blonde.


Although our favourite celebs such as Kim K and Kylie J have seemingly managed this process over night, for us not quite as rich and famous folk, the process of going platinum can take up to nine hours (if your hair dresser will have you in that long) a whole lot of money and patience. But if you can’t find time is a busy schedule to set aside nine hours (you should be commended if you can) then breaking it down to a few salon visits is the best option for you.


To make your transition to the brighter side a little smoother, follow our tips and tricks to ensure your platinum experience is as successful as possible…




Prepare in advance

We are assuming that you’ve done your research and considered which of our gorgeous Fresh Dolls you would like to be the colourist for your big change and the number one rule that they will tell you is not to wash your hair before the big day.

Washing the hair beforehand will irritate the scalp where the bleach is applied. If hair is previously coloured or highlighted with bleach, make sure you do a deep treatment as least a week before the process begins.


Confess to previous chemicals that have been used on your hair

Not to say that chemical treatments are a bad thing, but anything can affect a bleach job or double process. Even if it’s just a gloss or toner, colour in the hair affects the processing time and procedure. Medication can also affect process; so always let your colourist know if you’re on anything. 


Sustenance is key

We aren’t joking. The process that colouring hair platinum takes, even when done over a variety of sessions are lengthy and often require that hungry belly to be fed. You also need to be aware, particularly if you haven’t had bleach applied to your scalp before that it may sting a little. If this becomes a fiery pain on your head, ensure that you let your colourist know so that you don’t end up with chemical burn (this is very rare, but can happen occasionally).




Home maintenance

A fresh platinum colour can leave the scalp and hair incredibly porous and texture-wise will feel straw-like when dry, wet it’s even weirder- almost like the strands are made of spaghetti. So therefore, you are going to need maintenance products.

Protein packs, which can be found at beauty supply stores, will help strengthen your hair considerably. Some trusty coconut oil can also hydrate hair and bring it back to life.

Halt your shampooing to only once or twice a week and swapping out your shampoo for a cleansing conditioner to top the colour from fading and warping. Avoid sulphates and products with drying ingredients at all costs. Your colourist may recommend a toning shampoo and/or conditioner to keep your tone and colour in check, but be careful about going overboard with those and using them too often or leaving them on too long because hair that’s been bleached can absorb and hold onto pigment.


When you just shouldn’t go platinum…

If your hair has a huge amount of colour layered over and over, then you should probably forget going light and bright for now. It makes it that much harder to bleach out the remaining colour, plus it’s your hair’s own natural pigment.. Removing colour can be damaging and often doesn’t lift to light blonde tones without breaking, also very fine textured hair can break easily with bleach applied, so take your hair texture into consideration.

Even if your hair is I strong and new to colour in, it will take a lot of maintenance, touch ups every four to five weeks, weekly condition sessions at home, avoiding heat styling and general babying of your weak little hairs.


So now you have the 411 on what’s up for platinum colour, head to your local Fresh Hair & Body & get one of our experienced Dolls to help you achieve platinum colour.


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