When you go the chop: Secrets for the perfect bob

August 22, 2016

The bob is the new thing for summer ’16. Kendall, Cara and Taylor are all taking the plunge and lopping off their locks and coming into the summer months here Down Under we are guessing that there will be plenty of you wanting to get that sticky, frizzy, sweat-soaked hair off the back of your neck.


But there are some important things to consider before you channel your inner Miranda, close your eyes and feel scissors meet hair…



1. Consider re-thinking your makeup

Sometimes, combining a statement cut with a statement makeup can sometimes be head-styling overload, so consider being open to a more minimal beauty look.

Switch out sharp cat eyes for softer eyeshade in grey or brown, and skip any hard core contouring, instead favouring a gentle powder blush layered beneath cream highlighter.


2. A whole new world of hair accessories

It won’t be until you have decided to cut those locks that you will truly realise how essential clips and pins truly are. Nobody like to have hair in their face, but when your hair has gone the chop, it will be a serious trick to keep in place.




3. Change in textures

Often, a dramatically shorter hair cut means noticing a lot of brand new waves, curls and cowlicks. Your bob hasn’t caused any of these things, of course- there’s just a lot less weight to be holding your hair down, so its existing textural issues will inevitably run wild and free.

To fight these issues, you can of course, always use clever styling tricks such as sleek bobs (using a hair straightener), or loose curls achievable with a conical wand and a paddle brush to loosen any ringlets. 


4. Heat protectant

Given the need to be constantly styling shorter hairstyles, that will mean a lot of added heat to the hair, drying the hair out and leaving it damaged.  So heat protectant is an extremely important part of looking after your shorter locks.

There are plenty of great products that can be easily purchased over the counter at your local Priceline, supermarket or hair salon.




5. You will need more haircuts

Depending on the style of bob you go for, you will most likely be finding yourself making frequent styling appointments. Shorter hair is a much more deliberate style and therefore requires a high amount of upkeep, especially if you are rocking a blunt cut, expect to be getting a trip every four weeks or so.


Head in to your nearest Fresh Hair & Body Salon to make sure that you get the best advice from one of our talented team if you are thinking about going the chop, following this, they can then sort you out with a time and date for your big hair makeover. 

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