Blonde Hair, You Gotta Care: The Best Maintenance Tips

August 8, 2016

Blondes have more fun. It’s not a question, it’s a known fact, but taking care of your blonde is often less than a joyful task when it comes to the maintenance and the constant care that a good blonde requires.


The up-keep that being blonde takes is high and requires constant care to avoid the colour becoming dry, turning brassy and breaking off at the ends.


So, we have broken it down to give you 10 of the best ways to achieve the perfect blonde in between visits to the salon.




Use a UV protective spray. Particularly in the summer, but also all year round, to make sure that you’re guarding your hair against harmful rays that can change the colour of your hair and dry out the strands.


 Start using purple shampoo. Strange as it may sound, purple shampoo will keep your hair from turning brassy, which can happen with other shampoos that aren’t specifically formulated for blonde hair.


Always deep condition. If you’ve bleached your hair to turn your hair blonde, then you’ve already stripped it of some colour and moisture. To avoid hair looking like straw, use a deep conditioning treatment- and use it often.


Get a dry shampoo. Make sure that it is for blonde hair (not brunette). Refreshing the hair without shampooing will help keep the hair vibrant for longer.



Trust your colourist. If you are heading to the salon for highlights every 6-8 weeks, your colourist should only be applying bleach to your roots, not your ends. The ends are already bleached and can melt if too much bleach is used too frequently.


Before going into a pool, use bottled water to get your hair wet. If your hair is already soaking wet when you go into a pool, it won’t soak up the chlorine in the water, which is what can turn blonde hair green.


For natural highlights, mix pure lemon juice and water in a spray bottle and coat hair. Then, sit outside in the sun for about an hour and the lemon juice will naturally lighten up your hair a bit.


Use hair oil for fine hair (also great for light hair). Just from the mid-lengths to the ends, a serum for light hair will help you keep your strands moisturised.


Once a week use a toning shampoo. Between a colour treated shampoo and a toning shampoo your colour will stay true.


Opt for a leave-in conditioner once every week or so. In the same way that a deep conditioning treatment will up the hydration of your hair, leave-in conditioner will leave your strands extra moisturised.


Following all of these steps should have you in stead for beautiful blonde locks all year round and in between salon visits.


For more tips and tricks, make sure you head to for CEO of Fresh Hair & Body Leah Brunoli’s blog posts on all things hair and beauty.



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