Tame the Frizz

July 5, 2016

At one point or another, everybody will experience frizzy hair. While those with natural curls are often envied, the amount of maintenance they need can make them seem less than desirable.  

There can be many reasons as to why your hair decides not to cooperate; along with not taking proper care of your locks, humidity in the air can be responsible for unruliness among your strands.


For those select few who have curls that can be hard to maintain, and a natural frizzy-ness that can lead to them wanting to rip their hair out there is no need to worry any longer...

There are a few tips and tricks that anybody who struggles with naturally curly or frizzy hair can do to maintain their mane.




Knots no more!

Those with naturally crazy hair understand the pain of not being able to brush their hair, it’s the same old story…one swipe of a bristle through those curls and you end up with frizz ten times worse than what you began with.

Instead, you struggle through your day with those pesky knots because the thought of running a brush through your hair sends shivers down your spine. Instead of struggling with knotty hair, get yourself a wide toothed comb, or use your fingers, this will reduce the amount of knots in your hair but it wont separate the strands, or cause breakage, that creates more frizz.

After combing, re-sculpt your curls by wrapping a portion of hair around your finger and letting go carefully. 


Hands off!

It may feel as though curly or frizzy hair needs a lot of attention throughout the day but in actual fact it pays to leave it alone.

The more you touch it is the more that you will disrupt the natural curls, which can inevitably lead to frizz.


Don’t wash your hair daily!

Even for people who don’t struggle with naturally frizzy hair, dry, brittle hair equals frizz. Try to avoid washing your hair daily as this can strip your hair of its natural oils causing breakage.

Instead, aim for two to three times a week and try to find shampoo and conditioners that don’t contain sulfates.

Sulfates are cleaning agents that tend to be especially harsh on naturally curly and dry hair, instead, look for one that contains glycerin higher up the ingredients list.

Glycerin helps to defeat frizz by hydrating the hair. ALWAYS remember to condition after shampooing as well, as the main aim of the game is to keep your hair hydrated, try using a treatment on your hair once a week to return lost moisture.




Embrace your natural style!

Try to avoid using heat styling whenever possible, i.e no straighteners, curlers or hair dryers because we all know how damaging these can be to all hair types.

Try to let 90% of your hair dry before using the hair dryer on a cool setting blowing downwards in the direction that your hair grows.

Avoid towel drying your hair, as the friction of the action causes breakage and draws moisture out of the hair, IF it is necessary to use stylers, add a heat protectant spray before hand to avoid drying out your hair.


Make a date with your hairdresser!

Visiting the salon regularly to rid your hair of split ends is one way to avoid breakage and therefore avoid more frizz.

It also allows your hairdresser to keep an eye on your hair and keep you updated on how best to maintain it.


One small tip!

Even when you have given up and meticulously straighten your hair instead, or slick it back into a ponytail or bun, fly-aways will attack!

If your hair is beginning to look a little unruly throughout the day, using a clean mascara wand, spray it with a little hairspray, and run it over the hair, this will tame the fly-aways without drenching your hair in hairspray.


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