Let’s talk about Cureplex.

January 6, 2016


Cureplex. What the bloody hell is it? You might’ve heard the word being thrown around the salon, had your hairdresser ask if you’d like to add it to your treatment, or seen the minimal, monochrome bottles of goodness lining shelves and bench tops. But you really have no clue as to what it means or does. We’re hear to talk the WWH’s: WHAT is Cureplex? WHY you should add it to your next colour treatment, and HOW it actually works.


Ponder this for a moment. Would you travel or drive without insurance? If your answer is yes, shame on you! What if your loyal, beloved car was involved in an accident, or your arm came off second best hitting the ski slopes? It’s the insurance (and the help of some very qualified and skilled people) that helps repair the damage. Although not quite as dramatic, think of Cureplex as your insurance policy against dry, brittle, damaged hair. That said, coming away from a fresh colour treatment with lifeless tresses and hair breakage is a very serious matter. Formulated in Australia, Cureplex is a revolutionary product that prevents damage caused by bleaching, colour or any chemical treatments before it even starts. With its unique dual action formula containing naturally derived ingredients, Cureplex works to shield hair from chemical harm, as well as repair existing damage for a bouncy, colour rich, shiny AF mane.



Now for the specifics; how does Cureplex work to turn my hair from dull to damn fine? It’s all in this unique formula we’ve been on about. Strap yourselves in, coz we’re about to go all ‘science’ on ya. Fundamentally, Cureplex is made of a Niosomes complex. Cureplex’s niosomes consist of: amino acids which create and protect hair bonds, rice derivatives for the protection of the hair shaft, and soybean isoflavones for added nourishment. It’s this combination of active ingredients, along with innovative delivery technology that ensures 100 per cent cortex penetration. In other words, Cureplex goes deep. But without interfering in any way with whatever treatment you’re having done eg: the pigment of your colour.


And the mechanics? A full, in-salon Cureplex treatment involves three different products: No. 1 Bond Creator, No. 2 Bond Fortifier and No. 3 Bond Sustainer. Even though the names kind of give it away, here’s a run down of exactly what each of these babies do.




No. 1 Bond Creator


This is where it all starts. Intermixed with your chemical service, whether that be bleaching, colouring, ombre, balayage, highlighting or straightening among other things, No. 1 Bond Creator creates, you guessed it, new hair bonds and repairs damaged bonds while protecting the existing internal structure. Deeply penetrating into your hair’s cortex (for those playing at home, that’s the middle bit), this product strengthens, boosts elasticity, and increases flexibility and manageability.


No. 2 Bond Fortifier


The second cab off the rank, No. 2 Bond Fortifier is a rinse designed to fuse newly created and repaired bonds into the cortex. Put simply, this rinse pins down and secures all the heavy lifting done by No. 1 Bond Creator. But that’s not all it does. No. 2 Bond Fortifier’s other job involves imparting extra hydration and nourishment into the hair shaft, smoothing your hair’s cuticle layer to create glossy, uniform strands.


No. 3 Bond Sustainer


The last step on the journey to deliciously healthy coloured hair? With No. 3 Bond Sustainer, we’re now putting you in the driver’s seat with this at- home hair care treatment. No. 3 Bond Sustainer is all about sustaining your amazing in-salon Cureplex results. Used twice weekly, this product delivers a massive dose of emollients a.k.a moisturising superstars to reduce water loss and add a protective film, boosting your hair’s suppleness and giving it unparalleled shine. But how do you use it? After shampooing, squeeze out any excess water and saturate your hair from roots to tips with No. 3 Bond Sustainer. Leave in for five minutes and gently comb through with a wide-tooth comb before rinsing well and drying. Done.


So there you have it; the definitive guide to Cureplex, and why adding it to your next salon treatment is a no brainer. But seriously, try it once and we guarantee you’ll never go back. Expertise aside, how else do you think we create all those amazing Instagram transformation?


Adding Cureplex to your next Fresh Hair & Body salon treatment is easy, just mention it upon booking your appointment. For pricing, head to our website for more details.


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